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Social Media Management

With our services, Bright Light Marketing can put your business in the palm of thousands of people who need to know who you are and what you do. With us, the hard work and thinking are done for you as we’ll look after everything from Account Setup & Optimisation, Content Ideation & Creation, Account Management, Social Media Training and so much more. Most importantly, your brand is consistent across all platforms so you can focus on what you do best!

Social Media Statistics

When it comes to improving your brand’s overall visibility, there is no subset of marketing that is more immediate than social media. Every business or professional can benefit from understanding social media’s importance when it comes to reaching their audience and strengthening their brand.

As at January 2022


Social Media Management


YouTube Marketing


Instagram Marketing


Google My Business


LinkedIn Social Media
Monthly Active Australian Users
Unique Australian Visitors Per Month
Active Australian Users Per Month
Google Searches Made Every Day
Active Australian Users Per Month

Custom Graphics

Each one of your social media posts needs to stand out in a sea of social media content. Luckily for you, we design ALL your posts with custom graphics. Meaning not only is your content eye-catching, but it is also in brand and allows customers to build brand recognition and trust with your business.

Comprehensive Content Calendars

We save you time by managing and scheduling your social media content a month in advance. We plan out your posts and set them to publish across all of the social media channels that matter to your audience. We automate your original and curated content sharing so you can focus on engaging in real-time with your audience.

All of our Social Media Management content calendars use AI learning and algorithms to help maximise post-performance. Ensuring best engagement times & market penetration.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Monthly Reporting

We monitor the KPI metrics that matter to you. In addition to this, we analyse cross channel audience growth, activity, and engagement. We then use this information to figure out what content performs well and optimal times to ensure high performing posts can be streamlined for repeatable success.

Each month we provide a detailed cross channel report on your social media performance. Detailing factors such as audience growth, posts with the best engagement, growth rate and more!

Our reports are designed to make social media analytics data easy to digest & identify trends.

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Illuminate Your Social Media Presence Today

Social media builds a personal relationship with your customers. It provides an opportunity to also legitimatise your brand. Social media allows you to demonstrate your expertise in a variety of ways along with the ability to write staff bios, share posts and produce content that can creatively highlight your company’s core values, brand voice and unique qualities that your services provide. At Bright Light Marketing we can expertly target your potential customers, write quality, engaging content accompanied with custom graphics. At the end of each monthly campaign we provide an analytical report to assist in fine tuning content for future posts. We make it easy! Which means you can focus on building your business and have peace of mind knowing your social media is in expert hands.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design plays a vital role in representing your business. We are therefore committed to providing you with a seamless brand identity.


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